Daniel and I have been in Union for over 3 years, and there have been a lot of spiritual lessons that we’ve learned in the process. We were both students of Twin Flame Ascension School, which is what gave us both the foundation to heal through the blocks we were experiencing on our journey. I was reflecting back on the past few years together, and I realized there were 3 big lessons that I’ve been learning over the past 3 years:

Your Twin Flame really is your Divine Mirror.

We’re told this all the time in Twin Flame Ascension School – don’t take the mirroring personally. Honestly, it was hard to get used to, at first. There would be times where he would show me something that I wasn’t ready to see about choices we were making. This is where doing the Mirror Exercise becomes extremely important. I really had to be willing to go to places within my consciousness that I didn’t always feel ready to look at, and really love myself there. Meaning, I had to choose to be really present with my feelings and be very emotionally honest with myself. I had to make the conscious choice to let love into places within my heart that felt deprived of it. As I got better and better at doing this, I began to understand the flow of our healing process.

I began to really appreciate that Daniel and I choose as One, and what that really means. It means that we really are able to heal together. The more that I choose to love myself, the more I see that reflected in him. The more you get used to recognizing that an uncomfortable feeling is simply a part of you that is calling for love, the easier it gets to accept what’s being mirrored to you and move through it.

"I really had to be willing to go to places within my consciousness that I didn’t always feel ready to look at, and really love myself there.

I am always worthy of love.

Throughout our time together, we’ve both experienced uncomfortable situations as a result of places in our hearts where we weren’t allowing ourselves to be fully loved, or where we were accepting much less than what we actually deserved. This kind of energy showed up in our relationship with each other, in our relationships with other people, in our life purpose, and in lots of other places. It was pervasive, and it was because there were so many ways in which we were used to settling for less than what we really deserved and felt we had to “make do” with a less-than-ideal situation. You can’t really experience all the good God has for you if you don’t feel worthy of it!

The beliefs you’re holding about yourself that tell you that you have to settle for situations that don’t feel good to you are not true. We continue to heal through layers of self-doubt or feeling undeserving of love. Anytime we feel these feelings, we use the Mirror Exercise to get through it. We don’t always know the answer or the solution, but God does, and when we allow God to love us, we are able to experience the clarity we need to move forward. I’ve learned to really choose to trust God here, that God knows the way and God knows what is best for me. I continue to go deeper in my relationship with God, and I’ve learned that it’s always safe for me to claim the good feeling and allow myself to fully receive it. There’s always a Divine solution to every problem.

It’s safe to be my authentic self.

A wonderful part about choosing to persist on your Twin Flame journey is manifesting a Divine partner who truly loves and adores YOU, exactly as you are. It’s very, very safe to be completely authentic with your Twin Flame, and there’s no need for pretense or a false persona to be accepted. The more you choose to love and accept your authentic self, the more you’ll experience that reflected back to you. Daniel loves me for me, and there’s no one that really knows the true and authentic me quite like he does. Reuniting with your Twin Flame is like discovering your long-lost best friend. As I get to know him, I’m getting to know myself more deeply, too. There are hidden parts of myself that he brings out that I may have put away a long time ago, or forgotten about, and it’s really helped me expand my awareness of who I know myself to be. I know that I do the same for him, too. It’s really like finding a lost puzzle-piece, and now the picture finally makes sense.

If you’re on the Twin Flame journey, it’s worth it to keep persisting in Love. You deserve to experience the joy that’s on the other side of the blocks and challenges you are working through. Your Twin Flame Union is meant to be a safe container for endless expansion. I know we haven’t even scratched the surface of what we’ll accomplish and experience together, and I’m looking forward to much more joy and growth.