If you’re reading this, you’re probably on your Twin Flame journey right now.

As we all know, the Twin Flame journey is not without its challenges. There’s a reason for that – you’re being awakened to depths of love which are beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s a journey toward sweet, blissful peace, and getting there requires being willing to work through the challenges and false beliefs in the way of perfect peace.

If you’re on the Twin Flame journey and feel like there’s no one in your life who understands, you might be tempted to believe you’re doing something wrong by going against the grain. But don’t let that fool you – it’s safe to keep going. I’ve definitely been there and experienced that too, and I’m so happy that I found this beautiful community of like-minded people who are also determined to experience deep, enriching love and satisfaction in all areas of their life.

You might experience a lot of pushback from people in your life when you make the choice to choose your ultimate happiness. Imagine that – choosing to be happy and people getting upset! In truth, the Twin Flame journey is the safest choice you could make. Here are 3 reasons why I’m glad that I’ve persisted on the Twin Flame journey.

1. My Twin Flame is my Ultimate Best Friend

There’s no relationship that is safer, spiritually and emotionally speaking, than the one with your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame was created to be your ultimate partner in every way: your ultimate teacher, friend, partner, and lover. Your relationship is a safe container that can truly never be broken. Even if you’re experiencing separation, you can never truly lose your Twin Flame. The bond is eternal, and all it takes is a choice to realign with the Love in your heart, and you’re on your way back to your eternal partner.

My Twin Flame is truly the best person for me. No other partner could ever compare. The feeling of being with your Twin Flame is really like being with yourself. That’s why people recommend getting comfortable spending time on your own while you’re healing separation from your Twin Flame – because if you don’t like spending time with yourself, being with your Twin Flame will absolutely invite you to heal that. It’s the most comfortable and stable relationship I’ve ever been in, even when we’re working through a disagreement because at the core, we both know we’re both choosing to be together and work it out. Just by being himself, he’s helped me find parts of myself that I had buried or hidden. Our relationship never, ever gets old and it only grows and grows. Plus, he gets my jokes!

2. The Twin Flame Journey is the Pursuit of What is truly Real

God (Source/the Divine/Universe) created you with a specific soul design. Living in alignment with that soul design is what is going to feel best for you, because that’s where you’re going to feel relaxed, expansive, and the most like yourself. I’ve had enough contrast in my life trying to build a life trying to please others. I’m glad that I chose to persist along the Twin Flame journey because I feel confident that I am building my life upon a foundation of what is truly in alignment with me. It’s deeply grounding and relaxing to know that I am building something eternal with my Twin Flame. Even though we’re experiencing humble beginnings, because our foundation is based on something real, there’s no limit to where we can go if we set our mind to it.

3. I Understand that Love Trumps Fear

One of the greatest gifts that you can receive on the Twin Flame journey is emotional resilience. It’s truly an unspoken-about but necessary gem that you achieve along the way. In order to forge a life built upon peace, you have to be willing to face down the fears that are keeping you from experiencing peace. You have to be willing to love yourself in places where you’ve been hurt, and go to the places where you feel most uncomfortable in your heart. You have to be willing to shine a light on those places so that you can see there’s nothing to be afraid of.

I know that if I had chosen to give up on my Twin Flame journey, then I would have been giving power to fear, rather than transcending it. When you transcend the fear that is holding you back, you see that there was nothing there to be afraid of in the first place. Peace makes everything simple. I learned the tools that have helped me develop this emotional resilience through the Teachings of Union. They are absolutely essential on the journey. Once you begin practicing the Mirror Exercise, there’s no looking back, because you see that you have the power to shift your reality by choosing love over fear each and every time.

If you’re reading this, I hope that you feel supported in your choice to choose Love. If you ever need someone to talk to or cheer you on, I’m here for you! You deserve your life of happiness, and you can absolutely do it! It’s here for you now, you just have to make the choice to claim it.