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Can you feel the spark
that lives within you?

That spark is Love: the force that connects us all.

What if you could align with your perfect partner, your perfect career, and all of your desires? What if you could achieve this using clear, practical steps?

Would you say yes to love’s call?

Can you feel that we are all connected?

Your perfect partner exists and they are connected to you now.
Your perfect career exists and it is connected to you now.
Everything you desire exists and it is connected to you now.

What if you could master your relationship to everything in your reality by growing your personal relationship with Love itself? What if this could be easy, manageable, and fun?

Let us show you how to turn your dreams into reality.

Meet Your Ascension Coaches

Daniel & Cristina

We’re Daniel and Cristina, and we are true Twin Flames in Union. We’ve been where you are: lost, confused, and feeling far away from the life we really wanted to be living.

We had done everything: studied, traveled, worked, and yet we still felt our deepest desires were out of reach: our perfect partner, our perfect careers, abundance, health, and happiness.

We wanted more for ourselves, so we made the choice to change.

We invested in our spiritual education. We met our spiritual teachers, Jeff and Shaleia and enrolled in Twin Flame Ascension School. Through this work, we learned the Mirror Exercise, the most cutting-edge transformation tool on the planet today. By mastering the Mirror Exercise, we were able to change our lives one step at a time. We actively use this tool every day to transform our love life, our relationships, our careers, our abundance, our health, and every other facet of our lives.

As Ascension Coaches, we are passionate about showing others the way to their perfect happiness. This work has worked for us, and we want to help you unlock this power in your own life.


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